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Smith's Nature Friendly Farm
Brookhaven, MS
Smith's Nature Friendly Farm
Brookhaven, MS
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About Us

Jollean, Stella and Peaches
About us.
We are the Smith's of the West Lincoln community in Brookhaven, Mississippi. My husband (William Smith) is a native Mississippian and myself (Jollean Smith) is a native Canadian, who married into the southern life. After spending most of my life working in a corporate job, we decided as a family that I would follow my passion for nature and plants to start a small business in the south. I started with a small table at the local Brookhaven Farmers Market selling jam as we did not have a garden or even a farm yet. I was welcomed with open arms by a beautiful community of people.

As time went on, we found our little farm in West Lincoln. It was a blank slate. Everyday since, has been a journey to grow and expand our farm to find ways to better serve our community.

How are we nature friendly?
Since I was a little girl, leaving piles of acorns for the squirrels, I have always been a nature lover. As I got older my passion to help nature grew immensely. When we decided to start a farm, I knew I wanted it to be kind to nature. That is not always an easy thing to accomplish. Bugs devour plants, almost everything wants to eat your chickens and Mississippi has things like Fire Ants and Hornworms.

So how are we nature friendly?
  • We use no pesticides or fungicides in our garden. We don't even use organic ones.
  • We keep approximately 70% of our property natural. Allowing nature to do what it knows best.
  • We plant native flowers with a goal to have huge native plant diversity.
  • We plant native trees and specifically trees that support pollinating caterpillars such as White Oak's, Pecan, Paw Paw's and Catalpa trees.
  • We operate a large no till garden. We do have a tilled area but we are working on making the tilled area shrink as we expand our no till year over year.
  • We have pollinator patches throughout our yard, offering our pollinators a buffet of nectar flowers.
  • We use no chemicals on our lawn.
  • We practice lazy mowing of the lawn to allow the clover and other wildflowers to bloom.

You can see a lot of what we do on our YouTube channel as well.

What do we offer?
We offer a choice of many standard in season vegetables and some berries and fruit. We are not a large volume producer but a small market gardener. We serve the small family well for in season produce. Some items are grown in larger volumes such as yellow squash, cucumbers, green beans and purple hull peas. We grow smaller amounts of almost everything else and will absolutely take requests.

We offer many other goods as well.
From the kitchen we offer a variety of baked goods, seasoned croutons, jams and jellies and herb seasoning mixes. From the garden we sell plants, luffa sponges and decorated gourds. Online we sell some of our favorite products, including reusable bags, sugar and spice spoons and a lot more to come.

Locals can get their veggies directly from the farm or from the local markets we attend.

Our certifications.

Our farm is certified and licensed in the following ways.
1. I am a certified Pollinator Champion by the University of Michigan.
2. We are a licensed business in the state of Mississippi.
3. Our Chickens are NPIP Certified annually.
4. Produce Safety trained through the Association of Food and Drug Officials.

For more information on our policies please visit our privacy policy page here.

Our charity program.
.10 cents from every dollar we make through the farm is donated to a pool to be given to 3 charities and to go towards a tree planting initiative by us. Our charities that we support are Brookhaven Animal Rescue League, Central MS Turtle Rescue and Greater Hope Homeless Center. People, Pets & Nature. For the tree portion, we will be purchasing some native trees and planting them in ideal locations to help habitat. Depending on the size of property we have access to and where, we will most likely be planting White Oak trees. You can view more on why we like these trees in our YouTube video below.

Smith's Nature Friendly Farm
Brookhaven, Mississippi
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