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Smith's Nature Friendly Farm
Brookhaven, MS
Smith's Nature Friendly Farm
Brookhaven, MS
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Baked Goods

Baked goods are made to order and baked fresh. Sorry they cannot be shipped. Please provide two days notice for an order.
Apple Pie

This is our home made apple pie. This is made from scratch with all the apple pie spices and tart apples. Please provide 2 days notice to order.
Cranberry Cream Cheese Loaf

This is our home made cranberry cream cheese bread. This loaf is soft and delicious.A perfect mix of sweetness with a hit of tart from the cranberries.
Pretzel Bites

These are big soft pretzels turned into snackable bites. Real pretzel salt tops each bite. 2 days order notice required.

Seasoned Croutons

These are fluffy and perfectly seasoned and make amazing salad toppers. Our customers often tell us they ate the whole bag before they made it to the salad.
Focaccia Bread

This is the type of bread you crave. It is perfect for pasta night or to add a slice to a salad. It is a tasty soft and chewy salted rosemary bread.
Classic M&M Cookies

These soft and tasty cookies will have you craving more. The perfect amount of M&M's in every bite.
$2.00 2 pack
Smith's Nature Friendly Farm
Brookhaven, Mississippi
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