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Smith's Nature Friendly Farm
Brookhaven, MS
Smith's Nature Friendly Farm
Brookhaven, MS
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Garden Giving Program
Living with purpose was not something I understood well when I was younger, I was too self absorbed I think. As I get older, I really want to live with purpose. Living with purpose means your goals and your passion line up. I believe my purpose revolves around nature and kindness.

I want to put more positive things into this world. I genuinely care about people. I don't care who you love, whar color your skin is, who you follow, what political side you are on or what god (or no god) you believe in. I believe deeply in kindness to everyone and every living creature. I am not always perfect, but I do make every effort to be as pure at kindness as I can.
It does not stop at people either. I am profoundly appreciative of nature. How nature works together in perfection. All the creatures have a purpose and are so valuable to our world and I hope to play a part in supporting our ecosystem, even if it is just through my own backyard.

I feel a great deal of passion for giving back to nature. As I moved forward with Smith’s Nature Friendly Farm, I wanted to ensure giving was embedded into our business structure. It aligns with my purpose and my passion.

For 2022 this is how we are giving back.

.10 cents from every $1 earned* through our business will go into a pool to be shared with three local charities.

The 2021 charities are:
Brookhaven Animal Rescue League (BARL).
Central Mississippi Turtle Rescue
Greater Hope Homeless Shelter

*How the charity program works:
Any sales or revenue made by the farm will be shared with our charities. The only partial exclusion are resold products. For example, if we purchase T-Shirts for $20 and sell them for $22.00, charities would get .10 cents from the $2.00 in profit.

Garden products, eggs, jam's, baked goods, luffa sponges and decorated gourds are all included for the charities and therefore their full sale price is eligible for charitable earnings.

We are also working hard to generate revenue through our social media activities. Google Ads, Amazon Referrals and YouTube are all in our goals to reach monetization. If we do, any profits from these would be included in our charitable donation program as outlined above and we would aim to add a national nature charity to our list.

With these charities it helps us to ensure money earned through our local customers is going back to organizations within Mississippi. These charities support the areas we serve and  do animals and people an great service.

Other ways we give back:
  • Donations to local food banks.
  • Volunteer for food banks and Brookhaven Animal Rescue.
  • We make videos to promote these charities please visit our YouTube page to view and share some of their stories.

Why not a North American charity?
It is our goal to support a North American nature charity in the future. Currently, 100% of our earnings are local so to be fair we are keeping our donations local. As sales expand outside of Mississippi or should we start earning from our social media activities then a North American nature charity will be added.

What have we done so far?
In 2019 we raised $200.
In 2020 we raised $390.
In 2021 we raised $390

Thank you, for being a part of our journey. I am so grateful for the support from the community of Brookhaven (and surrounding area), as well as all of our long distance followers.

The Smith's
Smith's Nature Friendly Farm
Brookhaven, Mississippi
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