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An awesome nature station.

Published by Jollean Smith in Birds · 5/4/2018 22:45:23
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One of the most enjoyable spaces in my garden was developed with a bit of creative vision, some old wood and a few curse words (I am not at all handy at building things). This nature station turned out amazingly well for such an amateur.  The stand is filled daily with a mix of seed which has resulted in a constant flow of critters visiting my garden.

One of the other benefits to this feeder has been that I never seem to have a problem with any critters eating from my garden. I will admit though that the squirrel considers my garden boxes as community planter. I frequently dig up buried peanuts.

But for the most part this nature station has been a constant source of entertainment. Some winters have been quite rough so I would imagine the winter food source is helpful for the wildlife too.

Building this was a rather simple project despite my lack of building skill.

Step 1: Dig out a hole approximately a foot deep to place the pole in. Mix in a small amount of concrete to hold the pole firmly in place and placed it around the bottom of the pole. Let that dry for a day or so.
Step 2: Dig out all the grass around the pole.I am not a fan of grass edging. So I don't want grass in places I cannot get a mower into. Better yet I don't want grass at all in the future. But with a bird feeder nature does not have manners and does get seed everywhere. That seed sprouts and creates a grass of sorts. So I like gravel below so I can easily pull out anything that sprouts.
Step 3: When the concrete is dry, cover it up with gravel to further secure your pole.
Step 4: Fasten on your nature station floor board to the top of your pole.
Step 5: Glue or screw on your side poles. (Glueing results in less cursing)
Step 6: Add another flat board to the top.
Step 7: Using to 2 half boards and a small piece of 2x2 wood I made a roof. And then I topped it off with pieces of old barn wood to give the roof a look of shingles.
Step 8: Add bird seed and sit back and wait a few minutes, the birds are sure to come.

Really the way I constructed this you would think the whole thing would blow over, but for the last 3 years it has done great and has always had a constant flow of nature to it.

My regular visitors include:.
- Chickadees
- Nuthatchers.
- A bonded pair of doves.
- Bluejays.
-  2 squirrels. (One of the squirrels will come to the side of my house and peer in the window when the feeder is empty of peanuts.)

So my nature station for sure, is one of my favorite places in the yard.

That's your garden inspiration. Thanks for being here.


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