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Aosom low cost greenhouse

Published by Jollean Smith in Garden Recommendations · 11/10/2020 09:17:17
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Being able to extend your garden season and even grow all year is glorious. We recently added a mini high tunnel from to our garden and I am incredibly excited about it for this garden season. Here is a quick review of our early findings on the Aosom mini high tunnel and our experience with the purchase of the product.

This was shipped incredibly fast and in good order. No packaging damage and every required piece in the box and accounted for.

It's a large structure. It's not going to be easy, but it wasn’t hard. Well hard for my husband. If I did it alone I might not say the same thing. For the most part one person can do it but at some point you will need two people to hold up ends while the other person connects the pieces. The instructions are visual displays with numbers and not written. In our video we address a couple of spots in the set up that were not clear through the visuals.

You cannot beat the price. We paid just under $190 for a 10x10x20 greenhouse. Look for sales and sign up for email to get additional discounts.

Product Quality
Value for money is absolutely there. FOr what I paid I am sure for a few years I will massively enjoy this greenhouse. Reality check is that it's not a high end product. You have to remember you did not pay a high end price. But value for money is spot on. The greenhouse uses a very light frame and could be easily bent. The zipper is the biggest weak zone and is likely the first thing to go. But the structure is sound and designed well. You most definitely want to reinforce the structure to hold it down in the wind.

Can it withstand wind
Yes but…you have to take some time to secure it yourself. Hurricane Delt came through about a month after we had our greenhouse put up. I will admit I was worried. But we staked down the frame with extra long tent poles and used weighted materials to hold down the sides of the cover and it held through some very intense wind. Now we are inland and not along the coast so it did not have 100 mph wind but it did withstand 50 mph wind. You need to ensure the velcro inside is 100% attached to your structure to keep it from lifting. And you certainly could not install it as is from the box and expect it to be just fine. You have to do your own work to make this structure wind resistant. But that was not hard nor expensive.

What I love
This greenhouse is really spacious. The windows flip up and down easily and the cover seems really solid. It took less than two hours to build and when I was done I could get excited about winter growing. As a market farmer who is just starting out, you cannot beat the affordability. I of course in future hope for a larger and more long term high tunnel, but this will allow me to expand this year while keeping within our means.

What I would change
I wish the greenhouse had doors on both ends. This would allow for greater airflow and less pressure on the use of one door. I would also use a higher quality zipper. I would have paid more for a better zipper for sure.

Important to note
The greenhouse does not come with ground cover or pegs to stake it into the ground. Make sure to get both before you set it up.

Well the Aosom Greenhouse gets two thumbs up for value. I can tell you it has created a new happy place within our garden.

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