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2021 Garlic on the farm

Published by Jollean Smith in Vegetables · 2/11/2020 09:17:59
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Garlic is by far one of the easiest plants to grow. Why more people don’t grow it, I just don’t understand. A good amount of the garlic in North America is imported despite the ease of growing it and storing it here. For me, it is very rare that I even purchase garlic anymore.

This year we will be growing 3 garlic varieties:

Creole Garlic - This is a great softneck garlic variety that has some of the prettiest pink bulbs. These garlic have very small bulbs but are packed with excellent flavour. Great for eating fresh within a salad or marinade. This variety is best suited for our Southern climate.

Bogatyr - This hardneck garlic is known for it’s true garlic flavour. It is rich and with a bit of heat that doesn’t overwhelm. It is fantastic for those that love the garlic flavour or those who do a fair bit of italian cooking. Makes great garlic bread.

Elephant Garlic - We are trialing Elephant Garlic thanks to a lovely customer who gave us a bulb. Elephant Garlic is not a true garlic, but actually a member of the leek family. It is milder than most garlic and considered a bit more palatable for some when used raw.

The Bogatyr and Elephant Garlic is being grown for the first time in our garden. This means the first few years it is being grown to expand the seed stock and to be tested. In future years these varieties (if they test well) will be made available for sale through our farm.

The Creole garlic is in its second year of growth and we should have a larger amount available. This means it will likely be available through our farm in late Spring of 2021.

Why should you cook with garlic?

According to medical news today there are a lot of great reasons to love garlic. It is said to help lead you to a healthier heart and fight off many well known cancers. And of course we cannot forget how it wards off Vampires!

Check out the medical news article, there are a lot of health reasons to love garlic.

Garlic is for sure a staple product in our home and we are excited each year about expanding our garlic volume to serve our customers with great home grown flavour.

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The garlic of my garden.

Published by Jollean Smith in Bulbs · 28/10/2018 09:21:15
Tags: GarlicGardenGrowingCreoleSoftneckHardneck

One of my favourite things to grow in the garden is garlic. For gardeners it is a fall set it, and forget it bulb.

Growing in Mississippi vs. Canada requires selecting new varieties that can tolerate the shorter cold season. Most hardneck varieties are better for the northern climates and the softneck varieties are more suited for the south. For more information on hardneck vs softneck see our October blog post Growing Garlic.

I have grown the hardneck varieties successfully in Canada, which gave me a years worth of beautiful garlic. In the south, I am going to test three varieties this year with the intention of expanding my production. In future years I intend to take them to market and of course save enough for our household for the year. I am really excited to bring specialty garlic to the markets here, especially the creole varieties. So fitting for the south.

I have chosen three varieties for testing this year.

Softneck variety: Creole Red & Ajo Roji.

These are two different types of garlic with some similarities in flavour. Both are described as milder in flavour, with less kick but creamy when baked. Garlic is full of health benefits normally but the Ajo Roji is said to have increased health benefits due to its red coloring, which delivers increased antioxidants.

Hardneck variety: Metechi Bulk.
This is a hardneck garlic that is said to grow like a softneck in warmer climates. The flavour of this one is described as hot and with some garlicky kick. It's also known for being easy to peel.

I purchased all of my garlic seed from Filaree Garlic Farm and the experience has been good so far.

I will let you know in the early summer how these three varieties made out. Stay tuned!

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