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How to prioritize your Facebook pages so you can see them more.

Published by Jollean Smith in Other · 4/11/2020 08:39:49
Tags: FacebookPagesHowToSettoFavorites

Do you click to like pages on Facebook that you want to see but then never get to see them?

It's becuase Facebooks system is not designed to favour pages unless you are very active with that page or unless the page owner pays Facebook for their page to show up more.

Good news, buried deep within the Facebook settings is a way to make it so you see your Facebook pages more. It is not hard once you do it a few times but it is literally buried, so it does have a few steps. Once you get started, you will be able to change the way your feed is, getting to see more of the pages you liked.

We hope you will set Smith's Nature Friendly Farm to your favourites as we would love to be a regular on your feed! Here is exactly how to do it.

Starting Point - Start from your main Facebook feed page as shown below.

Step 2 - Click on "Pages" on the left hand side of your screen.

Step 3 - Now click the "Liked Pages" on the left hand side.

Step 4 - On the right hand side and middle of your screen all the pages you have liked will appear here. If you have liked a lot keep scrolling as more will appear as you scroll down.They will load as fast as your internet provider allows, so give it a second.

Step 5 - Once you have found the group you want to change, click on the 3 dots to access the settings for that group.

Step 6 - This is where you can do a lot to decide how your liked page is fed to you. The most important is to set it up to how you want to see it. If you want to see it less, you can snooze it or silence it totally. You can leave it for Facebook to decide by leaving it on "default" or you can set it up so you can see the page more by setting it as favourite. The settings also allow you to decide how you see the video's they post and offers. To change, just click the option you want your page set to.

Finally, make sure to find us and set us to your favourites. We'd love for you to see us in your feed.

When I went through my list of pages I was shocked at how many Facebook pages I had not seen in a long time. Sometimes it's becuase the owner doesn't post but sometimes Facebook is just not feeding it to you. It gets lost in the noise. Facebook pages are really fantastic for helping change the content on your feed. For example, if you want to see less politics and more plants you can join plant groups. But you have to keep liking or commenting to ensure Facebook sends you those posts. These steps above should help those who are not active likers or commenters on Facebook. It also helps a small business who likely does not have the cash flow to pay for the advertising with Facebook yet.

We hope this helps you navigate the pages Faebook settings.

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There is power in sharing.

Published by Jollean Smith in Other · 7/12/2019 07:05:37
Tags: FacebookShareCommunicateHelp

Recently I have experienced some personal examples of how sharing on Facebook can make a difference to someone. Yes, I have heard all kinds of stories of things going viral and changing lives but that doesn't happen to everyone. What I have noticed recently is that there is an impact to everyday people that is possible more often, when people share the smaller messages.

First, let me share some recent examples:

New Customers - A small business farmer from my town posted his veggies for sale. It was shared on my page and two friends of mine are now added to his customer base.

Dog Found - A relative shared a dog found. - It happened to be the dog of a family member and we were able to get them reunited.

Food Donations & New Contacts - A charity we volunteer for had a need for food on the shelves. - A post was made to share the need and that charity got both food and over 70 new followers that they can ask for help from in the future.

Still not convinced? Here is one more example.

A story was written about a remarkable lady who is trying to build a homeless shelter. I posted the article and it was shared by about 10 people who are consistent sharers on my page. These sharers have significantly larger reach than I and also had more "sharers" in their circle. The results was the post was shared over 5000 times. That remarkable lady had over $4000 raised for her, the tax office looking into helping her and a large amount of donations provided.

This was made possible by 10 or so sharers. These sharers are making a difference.

Facebook is a tool that can be used for good or not so good purposes. People have a choice in how they see the tool used to an extent. I would really like to encourage more people to use the tool for good. The world needs more sharers. Facebook promotes those who can pay. People promote what they feel passionate about or what is trending. But it's those little messages asking for help or needing promotion that I want to raise awareness to.

Think of all it can do...
Rescue a dog.
Provide a small business with a customer.
Get a charity some donations.
And so much more!

Use your super power and share the small messages!

Be a sharer and fill Facebook feeds with messages that help the little guy.

Thank you! We appreciate you joining us. Be kind. Be friendly.

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Our blog includes Google Advertisements. These advertisements can generate revenue from Google.10 cents from every dollar made at Smith's "Nature Friendly" Farm including ad revenue from Google will be donated to the charities we work with. Learn more about how we give back.

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