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The feather gang:
We have 24 chickens, 14 ducks, one rooster and one guinea that keep us busy on our small farm. Our laying hens are loved family members who will retire with us, eggs or not.

We have two large, covered pens. One pen is the duck pen and one is the chicken pen. They do have a pathway into each others pens but you can very much tell the duck pen by the puddles of water. Ducks are messy!

For the chickens saftey they do not roam freely all day. We have a fox and a hawk that regularily pratols our property. So roaming time is only when I am active in the yard. Fortunetly, that is most days and sometimes all day. Their pens are spacious and they enjoy lots of room to stroll throughout the day if if they are not freely roaming the yard.

Our egg practices:
Quality and food saftey are very important to us. At the farm here is what you need to know about our practices.
Our birds were inspected by the state of Mississippi for their health, as part of the licensing process. They were checked in June and passed as required by the state and will be checked each year.

2020 State of MS License

  • We collect all eggs daily and never give our customers randomly found eggs. If they were not collected on the day they were laid, then our customers do not get them.
  • Daily we wash and refrigerate all eggs after collection.
  • Stray eggs or damaged eggs are tossed.
  • Our chickens are fed a standard chicken feed (Purina) and scratch but will also roam freely for a few hours each day which means they can have a varied diet.

Egg safety in your home:
Once the eggs make it home with you it is still important for you to safely handle the eggs.
  • Always store your eggs in a fridge. Your eggs have been washed and the protective coating removed which means they require refrigeration. A washed egg stored on the counter can sweat causing the egg to go bad.
  • Never eat raw or uncooked eggs.
  • Wash and sanitize any surfaces your eggs shells or raw eggs come in contact with.
  • Use eggs within 30 days of your purchase.
  • Crack eggs in a separate bowl to always verify quality. (You will know a bad egg by look and smell).
  • Never use a cracked egg. (We will replace cracked eggs at no cost, see below).

Our eggs have eggsurance!
We know we are not perfect and may miss a hairline fracture in an egg despite our best efforts. But rest assured, your purchase is protected. If you find an egg with a crack or even if you accidentally drop an egg, we will replace your egg for free. That’s eggsurance!

How to get eggs:
Eggs are available by delivery in the Brookhaven, McComb area. By pick up at the farm or at the local farmers market in Brookhaven.

You can also order eggs online here and we will contact you to make arrangements for delivery. Sorry this is for locals only, eggs don't ship in the mail well.

Order eggs online by clicking the cart:

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