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Garden Kids

My future gardeners.

Much like Ernie did for me many, many years ago, I hope to plant the love for Gardening seed into my beautiful family. They may not be gardeners but it is at least my hope to share with them an appreciation for nature and some self-sufficiency skills that could be used if they wanted to.

Baylee in the garden


My daughter Baylee will actually garden with me in between video games. She enjoys the flowers mostly, and will grow her own flower sections within the yard. We have enjoyed going to the garden centre to pick them out together and watch them return each spring. She has a caring appreciaton for nature, even spiders! I just adore this kid and I think one day she too will be a gardener.

Reif & Gage

Reid & Gage.

These angels come to me by marriage and I could not have asked for two better boys to come into my life. Their love is sports, hunting and fishing. Their Paw Billy has had a successful garden in the south so I am sure they have it in them to garden too. These boys are both kind and respectful and I can't wait to get them to help in the garden.

"Family, where life begins and love never ends." - Unknown

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