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How are we nature friendly

We don't just garden for us, we garden to support and encourage nature. This is an on-going project for us, that is continually expanding and advancing.

Here is how we work to be nature friendly:

  • We provide habitat that houses and feeds wildlife.

  • We are working to decrease the massive lawn areas to create an ever growing amount of native wildflower patches to support our pollinators.

  • We are working to grow rare and highly beneficial native plants that provide bees with medicinal benefits that help them fight parasites.

  • The lot has protected areas where no cutting and maintenance can occur. This allows for undisturbed nesting sites and native seeds to develop for proper bird nutrition.

  • We avoid the use of chemicals. No lawn chemicals are ever used. We make every effort to use only organic methods in the garden and yard.

  • We continue to add native plants, trees and shrubs to our landscapes. This provides proper nutrition to wildlife and reduces the need for excessive watering.

  • We practice no dig gardening, which helps to protect the soil and halts the unnecessary release of CO2 into the atmosphere.

  • We practice lazy mowing which allows the grass to be mowed once every 3 weeks. This enables an increased number of wildflowers to develop while reducing the operation time of a gas mower.

  • We turn out the lights. Dark skies help creatures that migrate by moonlight move in the right direction.

  • We actively compost, reducing waste from the landfill so it can breakdown naturally.

  • Inside our home we use eco friendly cleaning products.

  • We do not own or use leaf blowers and with every effort we aim to avoid noises that scare native species.

We would not be considered hard core nature enthusiasts by some. You can find hypocritical habits that a person could call us out on in our farm. We have non native plants, we drive cars, we drink out of the occasional water bottle (we do try to avoid this though) and have had a termite company help with our home, resulting in chemicals around the house. We are by no means perfect.

But we do work towards a more balanced life with nature. We understand that there is a large portion of the world that is not ready to even live with balance, let alone become a full nature enthusiast. We believe, if we can help some folks make the shift from no knowledge in balance at all, to shifting to some  balance, the impact would be wonderful for nature.

Nature is resilient, but right now the imbalance is too far on the human side and if we don’t tip that, we will see more and more of the things that make this world awesome, disappear.

So our commitment is that we will live nature friendly  where we don’t take from nature without giving back.

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