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The Start

William Smith

I fell for an American guy from Bogue Chitto, Mississippi.

He was my Jerry Maguire, he completed me. Mushy I know, but it was true.

We had spent over 5 years seperated in a long distance relationship. It has been amazing but it has certainly had it's challenges. Not easy seeing your husband every 3 to 6 months. But we made the best of it.

In 2017 the US government gave me a piece of paper that welcomed me to the USA. It was an emotional moment. So much work, mounds and mounds of paperwork all come to a close with a welcome to the USA.

I had until May to sell my house, quit my job, pack and move to Mississippi.

So that led to me wear I am today. With this change in life, I am hoping to explore new opportunities that are aligned with my passion. I have worked full time since I was 14. 17 of those years in an intensely competitive environment at a telecommunications company. I have loved every minute. But with this change comes the opportunity to live with purpose more.

So as I shift to living with my husband and best friend, I will also shift to try new ways of living. From here is born. Hope you will stick with me for the ride.

Thank you for being here,

Jollean Smith
Gardening nerd and creator of

US Immigration Acceptance

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