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What we do at Smith's "Nature Friendly" Farm

Roadside Stand

Smith’s “Nature Friendly” Farm offers its products and services throughout the community of Brookhaven and Mccomb. Here is what we do:

  • Farmers Market - From June until August, Smith’s “Nature Friendly” Farm can be found at the Brookhaven Farmers market each year. There we sell our farm fresh vegetables along with tasty baking and our signature jam’s.

  • Roadside Stand - On our property in West Lincoln, Brookhaven we have a roadside stand. When produce is available we will place it out on the stand with prices marked for purchase.

  • Pollinator Talks - As a certified Pollinator Champion from Michigan State University, we are able to give talks on pollinators. We are happy to visit your event to speak about how to help our pollinators.

  • Garden Tours - We give interactive and educational garden tours. We provide our visitors with a pollinator scavenger sheet and take you on a tour of the acreage while learning about the farm and the nature that thrives within it. School classes are welcome.

  • We Give Back - We do work to make money to support the farm but a big part of what we do is in an effort to give back to nature and people. .10 cents from every dollar earned is donated to charity. We are also working on growing a larger abundance of produce to allow us the ability to donate food to those in need. Finally, our long term goal is to run a charity of our own, where we provide homes and businesses who are willing, with a free pollinator patch. To get more details on how we give back click here.

  • Barn Clean Outs - It takes a lot of compost to run a no dig garden, with that we are always on the lookout for compostable materials. If you have a barn that needs to be cleaned out that has not been sprayed with chemicals, we would be interested in helping. Or if you have some wood shavings that need to be disposed of, please reach out.

  • This & That - We sell eggs, martin birdhouses and seeds when available. If you need landscaping assistance with a pollinator patch we would love to help. If there is something you think Smith’s “Nature Friendly” Farm could help you with, do not hesitate to send us your request.

For more information please do not hesitate to email or call:

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